$75.00 per hour with a minimum one hour. Please contact me for specific repair rate quotes.
Also as a side note, I do not charge on “attempts” to repair. That is, if I deem it not repairable
(extremely rare occasion), I do not charge you for the time I put in to it. I can ship on your UPS
or Fedex account if you get a better rate than I do or I can ship on my account. I accept Visa,
MasterCard ,  AmEx, Discover, and Paypal .

To set up a repair, simply email or call: 650-599-9792 and I will recommend proper shipping info
for item and issue RMA # for the repair.


Most of the Sega Game Bds from 1996 on have BGAs on them. These ICs are more prone to
shipping damage. I have never put anything on my site regarding this since most customers
value their Game Bds and ship accordingly.  However, I just received a Naomi 2 set in a box
custom made to follow the exact outline of cage. Though it was a very creative box, looking like
a short pyramid, it was not sufficient to handle transit bumps and shock. There was one layer of
small bubble between cage and cardboard. The corner BGA on CPU Bd had split in half. Ok it
was not the worst I’ve seen. Sometimes I get Naomi Bds in USPS Priority boxes same dims as
Game Bd. These usually have all three BGAs broken off pcb and bouncing around in cage.

So the point is, pack Game Bds well. I usually tell customers what size box to use. Box should
be at least 2” beyond size of well wrapped Game Bd. I like 18x18x10 for most Game Bds. Use
many wraps of bbwrap along with either packing peanuts or more bbwrap for fill with no “air
packing”. Ok now I’m going to rant. I once received a F355 Dx Game Bd wrapped twice in
bbwrap and in a box twice this size but only air and no other packing. Yikes.

Ok and now a word on Hikaru System. That is NASCAR, Brave Firefighters, Planet Harriers,
Star Wars Pod Racer. These cannot be shipped at all without BGA damage no matter how they
are shipped. Pretty much ever one I have heard of sold on ebay never made it to purchaser
without BGA issues. We tried at Sega to figure out best method but only came back to:

Never ship in cage...EVER.
Ship only on metal mounting plate.Wrap in large bubble bbwrap only (5 wraps or so).
Fill rest of box with packing peanuts only.
Use minimum 20x20x15 box.

However at this date, the initial problem with the BGAs has reached a critical point where simply
rolling game across a tile floor can pop them loose. So obviously shipping is out of the
question. If you are forced to ship one anywhere, call me and I can go over successful actions I
came up with to try and get them to hold together.