I have worked in the video coin-op industry since 1983. From 1990 to 2006 I was an an integral part
of the SEGA USA tech support team. As part of this team I worked in both video coin-op and gaming
divisions.  In fact if you called for tech support during this period, it’s a good chance you would have
spoken to me. Also, it’s a high probability I had my hands on any boards you sent in for repair. In
January of 2006, all SEGA USA operations in California were shut down with Sega USA becoming
Sega / Sammy. I decided to start my own repair center in order to continue to offer high quality board
repair to the field. My shop opened February 1, 2006 and has been doing extremely well since.  

I repair most Sega Video Coin Op Game Boards from 1992 (Virtua Racing) thru 2008ish (Ghost
Squad Lindbergh systems).  I repair the CPU (Core) Board on the Chihiro system and as of 2/01/20 I
can build replacement Core Bds if yours is toasty. I can also repair non Sega titles now that I am no
longer with Sega such as Marvel vs Capcom 2, Alien Front, Zero Gunner (Naomi System), Max
Tunes (Chihiro System) etc provided they are on Sega platforms.

I have been doing a lot of sound hybrid rebuilds on Konami pcbs such as Lethal Enforcers, X-Men
etc. Along with these sound ICs I have repaired many other issues on these older Konami pcbs.   

Starting in April 2006, I set up fixtures to repair Type Two Tracking System components (Lost World
thru Ghost Squad).  Aside from Game Boards and Gun Tracking items, I have set up fixtures to do
repairs on Card Readers used in Initial D, F-Zero, Derby Owners Club, Breeders Cup and Max Tunes.
Notice I stated repair. There are no other shops in the US or Europe that repair these; Only exchange
for a repaired one at a high exchange rate. As of June 06 2006, I am offering repair on GD-ROM

For a comprehensive list of all that I repair, hit the "What I Fix" button above. If you don't see the
game you need fixed, email me.

Note, if you have been told by ANYBODY that your board is not repairable or needs to be replaced,
call me first. With my years of unmatched service and repair experience, and given the fact that I am
considered by many in the industry as one of the foremost authorities on all SEGA coin-op products
in the USA,  please check with me before unnecessarily writing off any equipment. Note I repair over
98% of what is shipped in.

NOTE: Advanced Repair Center IRS, Ken Westerfield or irepairsega.com is in no way affiliated with
any operations of Sega whether in USA, Europe or Japan.